Mgo Panel High Strength Fireproof Board


The smoke exhaust panel is mainly used for the fire pipe system.

Fireproof ductwork improves the safe operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by minimizing the possibility of fire spread.

The pipeline system runs through many large buildings, conveying and discharging hot and cold air to maintain the comfortable climate of the residents.

Unfortunately, these important networks also provide a perfect way for fire.

The high-quality smoke exhaust panel can make the fire protection layer firmer, and the effective fireproof elastic thermal insulation layer acts as a barrier between pipes to slow down or prevent the passage of flame and smoke around the building.


Angle steel




Magnesium fire-proof



Anti-corrosion metal plate

High security


All materials used are Class A1 incombustible, and the fire resistance limit (integrity and thermal insulation) of the air duct reaches 100% of the fire acceptance requirements. The wind resistance can reach more than 3000Pa.

Raise elevation


On the premise of meeting the requirements of fire resistance and thermal insulation, the air duct itself has a low thickness, and the air duct does not need to reserve the space for secondary wrapping.

Shorten the construction period


The air duct has its own fire-resistant and thermal insulation layer, which can shorten the construction period by more than 2 times without fire protection wrapping.

Attractive and durable


The inner and outer walls of the air duct are made of corrosion-resistant metal plates to prevent the air duct corrosion and embrittlement caused by the wet garage. The problems of bulging, deformation and cracking are prevented.

Light body weight reduction


The dead weight of the air duct has been greatly reduced, effectively reducing the weight of the building and saving the construction cost.



In many applications, MgO boards can also be used in the same ways as gypsum and Portland cement sheathings. The substitution is not fully direct in terms of sheet thicknesses, fastening methods and joint treatments, but is very similar. This makes MgO board an easy product to use. The possible uses of MgO board are vast, and some of them include:Firewalls. Partitions.Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls.Shower stall tile backer board.Facings for structural panels engineered to use MgO as the facing.Shaft liners,Ceilings,Soffits,Fascia,Substrates for coatings and insulated systems (such as Direct-Applied Finish Systems, EIFS, and stucco).



New Fireproof Building Materials Magnesium Oxide Board / Magnesium Sulfate Board / Mgo Board is a technologically advanced building material that offers superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement based products. Mgo board is 100% fire resistant, 100% water resistant proof, very strong, environmental and affordable. 


New Fireproof Building Materials is made of nonflammable materials including magnesium chloride or magnesium sulfate,magnesia,alkali endured epoxy glass cloth,and perlite.The board features being green,free from smell and poison,non-flammable ,free smog ,high intensity,light quality,sound insulation,heat preservation,waterproof,fireproof,free from freeing and erosion,minuteness expanding & shrinking ratio,free fro crack and distortion,convenient construction,low wastage and long life.It is really green fire prevention product without such harmful elements as asbestos,formaldehyde or benzene.



Magnesium fire-resistant board is divided into two types: magnesium oxide bare board and magnesium oxide colored steel plate. Colored steel magnesium oxide board is mainly used for moisture-proof and insulation of ventilation ducts, while magnesium oxide bare board is mainly used for fire prevention and flame retardancy in buildings. Now let's take a closer look at these two applications.



​MGO board uses proprietary with Mgo,MgCl2,Perlite,Fiberglass, Chip compounds to deliver a multi-purpose, versatile, non-combustible, and unique board material. This intergral, hard, inert and paperless construction panel has superior characteristics over panels made from gypsum,clay or wood and paper particles. So for an easier, better and faster job, MGO board is best for interior and exterior construction.

This is a display of magnesium oxide bare boards.