Pre-insulated HVAC Ductwork System


HVAC systems are commonly used in commercial properties to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

In order to keep spaces cool or warm, ductwork systems will travel through a multitude of rooms within a building, often penetrating compartment walls and floors.

Comfort is the main priority when it comes to designing and installing a HVAC system in a building. In this

application, comfort refers to temperature, air humidity, air replenishment, fire safety and noise levels;

which need to be regulated to optimize.

HVAC insulation can be used in these systems across large-scale commercial and residential properties,

including high-rise offices, apartment blocks, airports, hospitals, warehouse and other industrial facilities,

ensuring a comfortable living environment.





Phenolic, the first synthetic plastic resin, was invented in 1907 and was used to make Bakelite. Bakelite was used to make electric light switches and other electronic devices before other plastics were

developed. Phenolic board size varies, but all its sizes have

individual markets.




Highest fire rating among many organic insulation materials;

Highly resistant to water penetration, resist attack by

mould and microbial growth;

Thinnest possible insulation board.

In application, the system diagram of WT phenolic composite air duct is as follows:


Live photos of WT phenolic board: