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Category: Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth

  • Product overview
    • Commodity name: 空白模板

    Product data



    3732 Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is a

    middle heat reflective glass cloth composite with aluminium foil by high temperature environment friendly adhesive backed. It is an ideal material for thermal insulation facing. With aluminum foil composite, the heat reflective fiber glass fabric adds property

    on great heat reflection,vapor resistance. 

    It is an ideal material used for middle

    heavy thermal insulation facing condition. 


    Product characteristics


    --95% thermal radiant reflect
    --Good strength and abrasion
    --Excellent waterproof and vapor resistance
    --Flame retarded and high temperature resistance


    Product applications


    --Thermal insulation lamination

    --Heat reflective blanket

    --Insulation lining



    型号 AL-75
    织物纹路 Plain
    玻纤布克重 75g/㎡
    厚度 0.12 mm
    涂层规格 7/14/18/25/38/50 铝膜、阻燃铝膜
    宽度 100 cm
    120 cm
    130 cm


    Key words:
    • Aluminum foil cloth
    • Glass fiber cloth

Keywords: 空白模板

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