How to choose a good Fireproof board manufacturer?

Release time: 2023-07-31

Fire is a very dangerous thing. People are now more aware of the dangers of life, so their awareness of fire prevention has become vigilant. There are corresponding fire protection products in various public places, which are all to prevent fires from happening. In addition, there are many places where a Fireproof board is used. In recent years, a new type of man-made board——Fireproof board, has been well known by the public for its various excellent properties. More and more people will choose to use this board when doing interior decoration. But in the face of large and small domestic Fireproof board manufacturers, many people will feel that they have no choice. So, how can everyone choose a suitable Air duct plate of central air conditioner manufacturer?

Here is the content list:

  1. Quality is a problem that needs everyone to consider first.2.Compare the product prices of different Fireproof board manufacturers.

Quality is a problem that needs everyone to consider first.

To ensure our safety, the quality of the Fireproof board must be guaranteed. When choosing a Fireproof board manufacturer, we must first understand the quality of the boards produced by different manufacturers. When choosing decoration materials, no matter what materials are used, the reliability of the quality of the materials must first be guaranteed. Inferior materials used for interior decoration will make people have a poor living experience. At the same time, various plate safety issues may also arise. Therefore, when selecting plates, quality is the first thing that needs to be considered by everyone.

Many people who don't know much about the performance of a Fireproof board may not know how to distinguish the quality of a Fireproof board. At this time, you can ask the Refractory phenolic foam board manufacturer for the inspection certificate related to the board. Generally speaking, the quality of products that have passed professional testing will be more guaranteed. Therefore, consumers can use this to make themselves have a basic understanding of the quality level of the plates produced by the selected manufacturers. For example, many high-quality Fireproof boards on the market can pass the E1 level environmental protection level test, and can also reach the B1 level flame retardant level, which has very good flame retardant and environmental protection performance.

Compare the product prices of different Fireproof board manufacturers.

After the quality of the Fireproof board is guaranteed, it is necessary to choose different Fireproof board brands. At this time, you can compare the product prices of different Fireproof board manufacturers among the boards of the same quality level, and choose the price that you can accept. Then choose the most suitable Fire insulation board manufacturer according to your various needs.

At present, the price of Fireproof boards on the market is mainly different due to different materials. Among them, the price of glass magnesium boards is the lowest, which is about 15 yuan per square meter. The price of a slightly better External wall fire insulation board is around 200 yuan per square meter. The price of some brands of Fireproof boards can reach 300 yuan per square meter. As the current prices continue to rise, the demand for Fireproof boards is increasing, and the price of Fireproof boards will still rise slowly.