Aluminum plate type characteristics

Release time: 2023-01-09

There are two types of aluminized steel plates: one is called Class 1, which is based on heat resistance and can withstand a high temperature of about 640 ° C. This aluminized steel plate is coated with a 20-25 μ m thick Al Si alloy (6-8.5% Si content) coating on the low-carbon steel plate. The other is called Type 2, which is based on corrosion resistance, and its coating thickness is 2-3 times that of Type 1. Regardless of the type, the coating is formed by hot dip plating. Therefore, a thin alloy layer is formed between the low-carbon steel plate substrate and the coating. Type 1 forms an Al Fe Si alloy layer and Type 2 forms an Al Fe alloy layer. Compared with category 1, category 2 has a lower melting point and a thicker coating, so its weldability is poor.
Aluminum steel plate is a combination of iron and aluminum, which are widely used in our daily life. This steel plate can make full use of the characteristics of two metals to form a steel plate with special properties. Because of its unique properties such as good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and heat dissipation, this kind of steel plate is more and more popular. The aluminized steel plate is used in the environment of heat radiation, acid, condensate and atmospheric corrosion. It has good corrosion resistance. In rural areas, industrial cities and marine areas, parts made of aluminized steel plate can last longer than galvanized steel plate. Parts made of steel plates are 2 to 5 times larger and are particularly suitable for corrosion resistance to SO and HS.
High temperature oxidation resistance and thermal radiation reflectivity
Thermal radiation reflectivity is another characteristic of aluminized steel plate to control, block and restrain thermal radiation. In a short time, its performance is comparable to that of pure aluminum, but superior to that of galvanized steel. According to the inspection, after four years of outdoor use in the urban suburbs, the thermal radiation reflection capacity of galvanized steel plate has dropped to only 5%, similar to the black body absorbing all radiant heat, while the aluminum plated steel plate is still 55%.