The reason why aluminized plate is more resistant to high temperature

Release time: 2023-01-09

Other precautions for aluminized pipe welding:
1) The pipe head shall be clean and free from oil, water and other impurities.
2) The welding current shall be strictly controlled to prevent overheating from damaging the aluminized layer inside the tube.
3) It is prohibited to conduct arc striking test on the pipeline, and the grounding wire shall not be connected with the pipeline to prevent the arc striking from damaging the penetration layer.
Why should the tube plate end face of aluminized plate heat exchange tube bundle undergo anti-corrosion treatment after welding?
To ensure the continuity of anti-corrosion performance of tube plate end face after heat exchange tube bundle welding.
Can aluminized plate heat exchange tube bundle undergo strength expansion? Why?
The basic requirement of strength expansion joint is that the hardness of the pipe is less than that of the tubesheet, which will cause plastic deformation of the pipe and elastic deformation of the tubesheet, so as to achieve strength connection. The situation is just the opposite after aluminizing the tube, so the strength expansion between the tube and tube sheet of the aluminized plate heat exchange tube bundle is not allowed.