Witten introduces the phenolic duct

Release time: 2019-01-31

In recent years, the newly emerging composite lightweight thermal insulation air duct, such as phenolic air duct, plays a great role in central air conditioning system and ventilation system.

Advantages of phenolic duct:

1 good thermal insulation, can greatly reduce the heat loss of air conditioning

The thermal conductivity of the phenolic composite duct is 0.016~0.036W/ (m·k), while that of the galvanized steel and fiberglass duct is much higher. In addition, the unique joint mode of phenolic compound duct ensures excellent air tightness of the ventilation system, which is nearly 8 times of galvanized steel duct. Some data show that when the same amount of heat (cold) is delivered, the heat loss of galvanized steel duct is 15%, the heat loss of fiberglass duct is 8%, and the heat loss of phenolic foam insulation duct is less than 2%.

2. Good noise reduction.

The interlayer of phenolic aluminum foil composite wind pipe wall is a porous phenolic foam board, which has good sound attenuation performance. In the central air-conditioning system, the noise generated by the air-conditioning unit during operation ranges from 50 to 79dB and is transmitted through the air supply pipe to form indoor noise. The phenolic aluminum foil compound duct itself is a very good tubular muffler. It is unnecessary to set muffler cover and muffler elbow and other muffler accessories.

3. Light weight, can reduce the building load, and easy installation

Phenolic aluminum foil composite duct of light weight, about 1.4 kg / ㎡, and galvanized steel duct (0.8 mm thick) and glass fiber reinforced plastic duct (3 mm thick) of bulk density were 7.08 kg / ㎡ and 15 ~ 20 kg / ㎡, it can greatly reduce the building load, and is highly advantageous for the installation of air ducts. When installing, only one bracket should be set every 4 m or so to have enough supporting force. This greatly reduces the bearing capacity of supports and lifting parts, making transportation and installation very convenient.

4. Durable and long service life

Galvanized steel is easy to rust in the humid environment, glass fiber reinforced plastic is easy to aging, easy to damage, so the service life of the traditional duct is not long, about 5~10 years, the traditional duct outsourcing insulation layer, such as the service life of glass wool only 5 years, and the phenolic aluminum foil composite duct service life of at least 20 years. Therefore, the service life of the phenolic aluminum foil composite duct is more than three times that of the traditional duct. In addition, the reuse rate of phenolic aluminum foil composite duct can reach 60%~80%, while the traditional duct can hardly be reused

Lower the level

Traditional air duct requires the construction of insulation layer on site, so it requires a certain construction height, which puts forward additional requirements for the building height. The phenolic aluminum foil composite duct does not require on-site insulation construction, so there is no need to reserve construction space, which can reduce the building height.

6. Shorten construction period

The phenolic aluminum foil compound duct is lighter and easier to install than the traditional duct. Wind pipe hoisting, the need for a simple hanger, a small number of almost no machinery. The production is simple, completely breaks through the traditional craft, greatly shortens the construction period, the spot changes is also very convenient. Phenolic aluminum foil composite duct installation according to the site measurement, each worker in a single day can be installed 20.0 ~ 30.0 ㎡, while traditional duct only 4.0 ~ 5.0 ㎡ / (day), compared with the traditional duct manufacture, phenolic aluminum foil composite duct increased the production efficiency of 4 ~ 5 times.

7. Health

The surface of phenolic aluminum foil compound air duct is sealed with aluminum foil, which ensures the sanitation of conveying medium, avoids secondary pollution, and the inner layer has no condensation water and no rust. In the traditional air duct, glass wool and asbestos are easy to absorb moisture, and the heat preservation performance is seriously deteriorated after water absorption. Asbestos is a carcinogen, and glass wool dust can irritate the skin, making the construction workers itch all over. In addition, galvanized steel duct rust, and easy to produce cold bridge phenomenon.

Beautiful, suitable for surface decoration

Phenolic aluminum foil compound duct can be made into various colors, beautiful, especially suitable for surface mounting. The surface of the traditional air duct needs to be wrapped with aluminum foil on site, so the surface decoration effect is not very good.

9. Wide application

Galvanized steel wind pipe is widely used, but the service life of high humidity environment is low, the use of fiberglass wind pipe in hospitals, food processing plants, basements and other places with dust requirements and high humidity is also limited, and phenolic aluminum foil composite wind pipe can be applied to industrial and civil buildings, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other places with special requirements.


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